Kanchipuram Silk Sarees


The Kanchipuram (Kanjivaram) silk sari is a type of silk sari made in the Kanchipuram region in Tamil Nadu, India. These saris are worn as bridal and special occasion saris by most women in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.

Product Specification:

Geographical Indication:

In 2005, the Government of Tamil Nadu applied for Geographical Indication for Kanchipuram Saris. The Government of India has recognized it as a geographical indication officially since the year 2005-06.

Now that the world has become a global village, Kanchipuram sarees are available the world over. However, the production of these beautiful sarees is still centered in Kanchipuram, a small town located on the Palar River in South India. Also called Kanchi, the town is renowned for its silk industry and its temples.

Price: TBD

Min Order Quantity: 1x20 ft Container

Supply Ability: 10x20 ft Container

Port of Loading: Chennai

Payment Terms: T/T (100 % Advance ), DP

Product Type: Freshly Woven Saree

Style: Kanchipuram Silk Saree Multi

Size: 4.1 to 8.2 metres 

Grade: A

Certification: Silk Mark

Weight: 13 - 15kg (Per Cartons) Approximately

Packaging: Corrugated Box

Place of Origin: India

Brand Name: Archery Impex®️ (Or) Customer Wish

Model Number: AI - 001

Color: Multi

Product Year: Recent

Product Type: Silk Saree

Texture: satin, soft, smooth, coarse, sheer and matte

Type: Rice

Form: Natural

Quality: Premium Product

Usage: Human Wear, Indian Tradition

Delivery Time: 7 to 12 Days

Types of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees for Wedding & Pure Kanjivaram Pattu Motifs

The centuries-old traditional silk sarees that originate from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, are known for their luxurious texture and intricate designs.

Types of Kanjivaram silk sarees 

Kanjivaram silk sarees have been a part of the Indian tradition and are loved by women across India & around the world. 

1. Traditional Kanjivaram Sarees

2. Korvai Kanjivaram Sarees

3. Thread Brocade Kanjivaram Sarees

4. Classic Kanjivaram/Kanchipuram Pattu Sarees

5. Pattupettu Kanjivaram Sarees

6. Checked Kanjivaram Sarees

7. Zari Brocade Kanjivaram Sarees

8. Without Border Kanjivaram Sarees

Different varieties of motifs and patterns:

1. Mayil motif - Peacock

2. Maanga motif

3. Yaali motif 

4. Yanai - Elephant

5. Kuthirai - Horse

6. Rudraksha

7. Iruthalai Pakshi - Two-headed eagle

8. Poo (Floral) Chakram

9. Mayilkan - Peacock’s eye